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DBE pp corrugated sheet is ideal for indoor and outdoor pplications. 

Sheets for your Outdoor yard
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Sheets for your Outdoor yard

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Want to consider Sheets for outdoor yard decoration? Why not consider our safe and high-quality materials? Our company is specialized in manufacturing PP, PE hollow board and corrugated board for 25 years. We are a logistic packaging material manufacturer positioned as a logistic packaging solution, we take customer needs as our guiding purpose; integrate customer ideas into our professional and innovative designs and recommend our solutions.

This passage is going to talk about the followings of decorate your in outdoor yard:

1) Advantages of Polypropylene sheets used in Outdoor yards

2) Why choose our pp printing sheet for outdoor use?

3) Choose our PP materials


1) Advantages of Polypropylene sheets used in Outdoor yards

Polypropylene, like all other polymers, has its advantages and disadvantages, making it more suitable for certain applications than others.

Advantages of polypropylene sheet.

It is a relatively inexpensive material

Polypropylene sheet has high flexural strength due to its semi-crystalline nature

Polypropylene sheet has a low coefficient of friction - very resistant to moisture

Polypropylene sheet has good chemical resistance in a wide range of bases and acids

Polypropylene sheet has good fatigue resistance - has good impact strength

Polypropylene sheet has good resistance to electricity and is therefore a good electrical insulator

Polypropylene sheet is more easily repaired by damage


2) Why choose our pp printing sheet for outdoor use?

Our PP trays are waterproof: Growers and suppliers of fresh fruits and vegetables readily recognize the importance of keeping their produce fresher for longer, thus ensuring better protection and presentation at the point of purchase.

One of corrugated polypropylene's most enduring properties is its long-life performance in harsh environments, which is why it is so popular among horticultural and agricultural customers.

Because of its properties, polypropylene is a strong material that is not only "greener" than other plastic solutions, but also environmentally friendly, safe, sanitary, reusable and fully recyclable.

This high-performance, weatherproof product can be used over and over again and is flawless and durable. It is ideal for holding plants or produce, and can be used as seed trays or even temporary bedding. Other popular uses are farm store displays, signage, shelving, packaging, floor or bench protection, and even bee transport.

As a specialist manufacturer of corrugated polypropylene solutions in China, we offer a personalized and comprehensive service to our customers; we can custom design solutions in any color, create prototypes, apply a range of special treatments, provide a full range of high-quality printing services and can produce small or large print runs and ship anywhere on the planet.   


3) Choose our PP materials

Our polypropylene sheet has many useful properties that make it suitable for many applications. It has low strength and hardness, but is very malleable and has good impact strength; it will stretch rather than break.

Our polypropylene sheet is water resistant and durable, so polyethylene lasts longer when exposed to the elements than other polypropylene sheet polymers we have.

Our polypropylene sheet is a good electrical insulator and is resistant to electrical trees, but can be electrostatically charged. The addition of an antistatic agent will prevent this.

Depending on the thickness of poly our polypropylene sheet, it can be almost transparent to opaque. The transparency of low-density polyethylene (PE) makes it suitable for packaging.

Polyethylene as HDPE can be recycled into other products, which is more cost effective than making new products from new plastic.

For medium to high density our polypropylene sheet, the melting point range is 120 to 180 degrees Celsius; for low density polyethylene, the melting point range is 105 to 115 degrees Celsius. The good heat resistance allows it to be used at both high and low temperatures.

For more information on polypropylene Horticulture Sheet and PP Corrugated Sheet solutions for horticulture and agriculture, please feel free to contact us.


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We take customer demand as the purpose; Integrate customers' ideas into our professional and innovative design, and recommend our solutions. 

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