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DBE pp corrugated sheet is ideal for indoor and outdoor pplications. 

PP Hollow Sheet
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PP hollow sheet made of polypropylene as raw material has non-toxic, no pollution, corrosion resistance, waterproof, shockproof performance; Because of the hollow structure, it also has good pressure resistance and impact resistance. Can completely replace paper packaging, wooden packaging, is widely used in advertising kanban, industrial packaging pad, product buffer protection, partition, turnover box, automobile industry, and other fields. Standard hollow board with a thickness of 2-12mm, width less than 2200mm, length unlimited; Colorful products that can be bent and processed into various shapes.

Can also be made into the flame retardant hollow board, anti-static, conductive hollow board, and anti-UV hollow board, according to its own performance can be used in different industries.

PP Hollow Sheet


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