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What role does the food packaging box exist?
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What role does the food packaging box exist?

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Advances in food processing and food packaging box play a major role in keeping the food supply the safest in the world. In short, packaging maintains the advantages of food processing after processing is complete, allowing food to safely travel long distances from its origin and still remain healthy at the time of consumption. However, packaging technology must balance food protection with other issues, including energy and material costs, increased social and environmental awareness, and strict regulations on contaminant and municipal solid waste disposal.

This passage is going to talk about the followings of food packaging box:

1) Introduction to food packaging boxes

2) Usages of food packaging box?

3) Why to choose us?

1) Introduction to food packaging boxes

In the current era we live in, food packaging boxes are extremely convenient for both consumers and sellers, not only in terms of use, but also in terms of safety. Food can easily come into contact with oxygen and bacteria in the air, which can affect the taste and quality of the food, therefore, a good food packaging box is very important when storing or selling food.

2) Usages of food packaging box

The primary role of food packaging box is to protect the food from external influences and damage, to control the food and to provide the consumer with composition and nutritional information.

Traceability, convenience and tamper indication are increasingly important secondary functions. The goal of food packaging box is to contain food in a cost-effective manner that meets industry requirements and consumer needs, maintains food safety and minimizes environmental impact.

Food packaging box delays product spoilage, retains the beneficial effects of processing, extends shelf life, and maintains or improves the quality and safety of food products. In this context, packaging protects against 3 main external influences: chemical, biological and physical.

Chemical protection minimizes changes in composition triggered by environmental influences such as exposure to gases (usually oxygen), moisture (capture or loss) or light (visible, infrared or ultraviolet). Many different packaging materials can provide chemical barriers. Glass and metal provide an almost absolute barrier to chemical and other environmental factors, but few packages are purely glass or metal because of the addition of containment devices to facilitate filling and evacuation. Closures may contain materials that allow for minimal permeability. For example, plastic lids are somewhat permeable to gases and vapors, and the gasket material used in the lid facilitates closure, while the gasket material used in metal can lids allows for sealing after filling.

Biological protection provides a barrier to microorganisms (pathogens and spoilers), insects, rodents and other animals, thus preventing disease and spoilage. In addition, the biological barrier maintains the conditions that control aging (maturation and senescence). This barrier works through a variety of mechanisms, including preventing contact with the product, preventing the spread of off-flavors, and maintaining the internal environment of the package.

Physical protection protects food from mechanical damage and includes cushioning to prevent shock and vibration encountered during distribution. Physical barriers, often developed from cardboard and corrugated materials, resist impact, abrasion and crush damage, so they are widely used as shipping containers and packaging for delicate foods such as eggs and fresh fruit. Proper physical packaging can also protect consumers from a variety of hazards. For example, seals that prevent children from entering can discourage the use of potentially hazardous products. In addition, replacing products ranging from shampoo to soda bottles with plastic packaging reduces the risk of glass containers breaking.

3) Why to choose us?

We offer a full line of trays and food packaging boxes PP Corrugated Sheet for field-harvested fruits and vegetables, as well as red meat/poultry and seafood boxes.

Our reputation for excellence in the general food processing industry has made us the leading company in polypropylene food packaging boxes and trays. We hope that products such as our food packaging boxes will help your brand and fresh products stand out in the mass merchandise market.


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