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What is corona corrugated sheet used for?
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What is corona corrugated sheet used for?

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Corona treatment is a kind of electric shock treatment, which makes the surface of the substrate has a higher adhesion. The principle is to use high frequency and high voltage in the treated plastic surface corona discharge (high frequency AC voltage up to 5000-15000V/m2), and generate low temperature plasma, so that the plastic surface to produce free radical reaction and make the polymer hair cow cross-linking. Surface roughness and increase its wetting memory of polar solvents - these ions by electric shock and penetration into the surface of the printed body to destroy its molecular structure, and then the treated surface molecules oxidation and polarization, ion electric shock erosion of the surface, so as to increase the adhesion capacity of the substrate surface.

Corona corrugated sheet (plastic sheet) is an emerging decorative material, three-dimensional smooth shape, colorful colors. corona corrugated sheet is processed from density board, as a decorative use, outside to do baking paint treatment to look good, because it looks like water waves, so called corrugated sheet.

This passage is going to talk about the followings of corona corrugated sheet:

1) History and Origin of corona corrugated sheet

2) The Wonderful Use of Corona corrugated sheet

3) What is corona corrugated sheet?


1) History and Origin of corona corrugated sheet

Yes, thick, bulky, hard and uneven items can be surface treated using atmospheric plasma and corona treatment, thus corona corrugated sheet improves the surface adhesion a lot.

Yes, it is possible to surface treat thick, bulky, hard and uneven items using atmospheric plasma and corona treatment, resulting in corona corrugated sheets with much improved surface adhesion.

Typically, foams, glass, plastic sheets and corrugated materials are less wettable and difficult to surface treat. Some examples of challenges are

Pre-cut corona corrugated sheet plastic sheets are media resistant and require surface preparation prior to finishing.

The nature of foam causes many bonding challenges, such as applying adhesives.

Glass often requires micro-cleaning prior to painting, printing or coating.

Due to the material composition and uneven surface of corona corrugated sheet, corrugated plastic sheets and wall panels can resist post-processing applications.


2) The Wonderful Use of Corona corrugated sheet

Initially, corona corrugated sheet partitions were used to protect employees from unnecessary risks caused by the new coronavirus.

Thanks to the positive response, corona corrugated sheet can now be made into environmentally friendly corrugated cardboard partition walls as a recyclable alternative to traditional plastic partition walls. Our corona corrugated sheet is available in different versions with laminated windows or without windows. A wide range of design options ensures easy adaptation to a variety of situations, whether in your office, school or production plant.

In some cases, safe distances must be maintained to protect employees and co-workers from hazards. Our corrugated partition walls are not only suitable for the Covid-19 era, which is supportive of maintaining health, but can also be used in areas where there is a high risk of infection and health risks. Our corona corrugated sheet can be made into partition walls for offices as well as schools, vocational schools and universities. corona corrugated sheet can also be used in production, packaging or order picking workplaces.


3) What is corona corrugated sheet?

Now sheet-fed offset presses can also print on plastic sheets, but the ink adhesion on the surface of plastic sheets is poor, and for this reason, corona corrugated sheet can be obtained by providing in-line corona treatment.

The corona corrugated sheet obtained after high pressure discharge treatment on the surface of special materials (such as plastic sheet) greatly improves the adhesion of the ink on the surface of the material, thus improving the printing quality and speed of the corona corrugated sheet. To solve problems such as inaccurate overprinting due to temperature changes during plastic printing, special anti-scratch guide parts for corona corrugated sheet, plastic sheet de-static device and impression cylinder cooling device can be used.For more information about polypropylene gardening board and PP corrugated board solutions for gardening and agriculture, please feel free to contact us.


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