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What is anti-UV sheet?
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What is anti-UV sheet?

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People who don't know enough about sheet materials often ask questions about sheet raw materials, thickness, weight, UV coating and so on. But these questions are actually meaningless for a high-grade sheet. Our anti-UV sheet is thick enough and the material is very good. The anti-UV material is more durable and anti-aging. Let's have a look at anti-UV sheet.

This passage is going to talk about the followings of anti-UV sheet:

1) What does anti-UV or anti-UV sheet mean?

2) Features of anti-UV sheet

3) Advantages of anti-UV sheet


1) What does anti-UV or anti-UV sheet mean?

Due to the poor UV resistance of PC sheet surfaces, coating technology has come into being. Acrylic resin coating, as a better developed coating material in recent years, has a series of advantages. It can bond well to the substrate and has good film-forming properties, forming a transparent, flexible and elastic coating, and the coating itself has a certain aging resistance, the greater advantage is that the adhesion of acrylic resin and PC surface is very good, the bonding properties of the coating and the substrate have a great impact on the surface hardness of the coating.

Of course, the important thing is that the anti-UV sheet made by UV coating has changed many properties of PC sheet.

Anti-UV sheet, "anti-UV" refers to an ability to protect the sheet from UV radiation. anti-UV sheet is made by a special process thereby significantly reducing the risk of exposure to UV light.

Anti-UV sheet has excellent UV resistance. It can block some of the harmful UV rays and thus provide the best anti-UV effect.


2) Features of anti-UV sheet

The transmittance and haze of uncoated PC board are 87% and 0.4%, respectively. The transmittance of coated PC board is above 87% and the transmittance is slightly greater than that of uncoated PC board. This is because the refractive index of the uncoated PC board is 1.586, while the refractive index of the acrylate coating is lower than this value.

According to the classical optical theory, when the refractive index of the coating is less than that of the substrate, the coating has a transmissive effect on the substrate, so the acrylate UV coating has a certain transmissive effect. The anti-UV sheet obtained from the production also has better performance.

The hardness of the coated PC board surface is not high, and the hardness of the uncoated PC board is comparable, without much improvement, all below 1H. However, the adhesion of the coating is good, which has reached 5B. This is because of the nature of acrylic resin, which has its own low hardness and good adhesion performance with PC.

Therefore, from the flatness of the coating and surface hardness of the comprehensive consideration, anti-UV sheet of UV coating content generally cannot exceed 1%.


3) Advantages of anti-UV sheet

Under the same UV radiation, the transmittance of uncoated PC sheet decreased slightly with the extension of UV aging time, and the transmittance of coated anti-UV sheet remained almost unchanged.

However, the yellow index of uncoated PC board increased from 0.6 to 11, while the yellow index of coated PC board was around 1, which was almost unaffected by UV radiation and remained colorless and transparent. This indicates that the acrylate UV coating greatly improved the UV resistance of the anti-UV sheet.

Overall, the anti-UV sheet is obtained by coating the surface with acrylic UV coating, and the PC sheet obtained by heat curing effectively improves the UV resistance while ensuring excellent mechanical properties. In the future, the UV coating will give more functions to the anti-UV sheet based on the existing one, so that it can be adapted to more types of application scenarios.For more information about polypropylene gardening board and PP corrugated board solutions for gardening and agriculture, please feel free to contact us.


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