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What is PP advertising sheet?
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What is PP advertising sheet?

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Designed specifically for the signage and advertising industry, PP advertising sheets are perfect for getting your attention because they can print high impact graphics in high quality and are UV stabilized to prevent adhesion.

Our PP advertising sheets are specially designed to be recycled. They are more environmentally friendly than many other plastics due to their low density, energy efficient production and low carbon footprint.

PP advertising sheets are weatherproof, lightweight and highly durable, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor displays. Because of their excellent quality, PP advertising sheets offer a superior and economical alternative to other plastic display materials.

This passage is going to talk about the followings of PP advertising sheet:

1) Introduction to PP advertising sheets

2) Features of PP advertising sheets

3) Applications of PP advertising sheets


1) Introduction to PP advertising sheets

PP advertising sheet is used for wedding photography, posters, indoor display board advertising, engineering and gardening effects, advertising presentation drawings, commercial and civil interiors, commercial document covers, digital photo albums, greeting cards, charts, photo quality brochures, etc. The main PP advertising sheet printing materials are PP, PVC and PET, mostly used in the wide format advertising industry, matte PP advertising sheet can be used for CAD drafting, and our common PP advertising sheet is also a conventional printing material, divided into desktop printing and wide format printing Two kinds.

General PP advertising sheet professional name called PP adhesive backed photo paper, there are thin and thick, thick is commonly used outdoor is also called car stickers.

Professional spray-painting places often use PP advertising sheet, the word and background color are spray-painted on, that is to say, the word color can be diverse, and the background color is not necessarily a single color. Use PP advertising sheet can be cut into the size and shape you want.


2) Features of PP advertising sheets

Overall, PP advertising sheet color than bright, like coated paper, PP advertising sheet backing in due to PP material more durable but thinner than the photo paper. PP synthetic paper is due to have a unique PP synthetic paper characteristic, he can produce exquisite and beautiful advertising images. After the production of indoor photo machine, PP advertising sheet can reflect a good picture texture, PP paper glossy, strong color contrast, can well express the language of the picture.


3) Applications of PP advertising sheets

PP advertising sheet printing is generally referring to the output of outdoor advertising screen, it output a large screen, such as the highway side of the many billboard screen is the result of the output of the airbrush. The output models are: NRU SALSA 3200, Color God 3200, etc., generally the maximum width of 3.2 m. PP advertising sheet airbrush media are generally advertising cloth (commonly known as light box cloth), ink using oil-based ink, airbrush company to ensure the permanence of the picture, the general picture color than the color on the monitor to be a little darker. It is the actual output image resolution generally only 30 to 45DPI (in accordance with the printing requirements of the comparison), the actual size of the screen is relatively large, there are hundreds of square meters of area.

PP advertising sheet portrait generally refers to the indoor use, it is generally only a few square meters of the output screen size. Such as in the exhibition manufacturers use advertising small screen. Output models such as: HP5000, generally 1.5 meters of the maximum width. The media used in the real machine is generally PP advertising sheet, light sheet, ink using water-based or oil-based ink. In the output image is also laminated, laminated board before the finished product, the output resolution can reach 300-1200DPI (different models will be different), it is more saturated, clear colors.For more information about polypropylene gardening board and PP corrugated board solutions for gardening and agriculture, please feel free to contact us.


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