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Types of sapling protection sheet
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Types of sapling protection sheet

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Sapling protection sheet can improve the survival rate of trees and protect the trunk from weather, animal and some accidental damage. Do you know how to choose sapling protection sheet?

This passage is going to talk about the followings of sapling protection sheet:

1) How to choose sapling protection sheet?

2) Advantages of sapling protection sheet

3) Choose our sapling protection sheet


1) How to choose sapling protection sheet?

When choosing a tree guard, you need to consider the site and your tree's vulnerability to damage. Choose the type of tree guard that will provide the protection your tree needs. Around the home, trees are more susceptible to damage from lawn mowers and trimmers. In open fields, trees are more susceptible to damage from animals.

There are several commercially available tree guards to choose from. Homemade tree guards are also effective and are usually less expensive. Tree guards should extend about 5 cm into the ground and be at least 20 cm high. This should protect the tree from mice and voles, which travel under the snow.

Choose a light-colored material that reflects sunlight. Dark or shiny materials, such as aluminum, can cause the bark to absorb heat and increase susceptibility to freezing and cracking. When installing tree guards, allow enough room for trees to grow. Use materials that expand with the tree, or remove or adjust tree guards as the tree begins to expand. Shrink the tree. Also allow room for air circulation. Poor ventilation can cause moisture to build up, which can lead to rot, disease and insect infestation.

That's why our sapling protection sheet is a good choice. The pp material will allow your sapling to survive better.


2) Advantages of sapling protection sheet

Sapling protection sheets (tree protection devices) are an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional plastic products used to protect young trees.

Made from special cardboard, sapling protection sheets are recyclable and compostable.

The sapling protection sheets we offer are perfect for garden centers, growers and consumers who want to go green. Once the tree is established enough that it is no longer needed, they can be recycled, reused or composted. Our sapling protection sheets are made of special waterproof cardboard, are compostable and can be supplied with regular printing or custom printing. Depending on your requirements, we also offer customization of sapling protection sheets, so we will give you the best service and solution whenever you need it.


3) Choose our sapling protection sheet

One of corrugated polypropylene's most enduring properties is its long-life performance in harsh environments, which is why sapling protection sheet is so popular among our horticultural and agricultural customers.

Because of its properties, polypropylene is a strong material that is not only "greener" than other plastic solutions, but is also recyclable, reusable and fully recyclable.

The resulting high-performance, weatherproof sapling protection sheet is reusable, flawless and durable. sapling protection sheet is ideal for holding plants or produce, and can be used as seed trays or even temporary bedding. Other popular uses are farm store displays, signage, shelving, packaging, floor or bench protection, and even bee transport.

As a specialist manufacturer of corrugated polypropylene solutions in China, we offer our customers a personalized and comprehensive sapling protection sheet service; we can custom design solutions in any color, create prototypes, apply a range of special treatments, provide a full range of high-quality printing services and can produce small or large quantities of sapling protection sheet prints and ship them anywhere on the planet.  

If you are looking for a solution that will survive in the outdoors, then our corrugated polypropylene sapling protection sheet is the best choice.

If you would like more information about our polypropylene sapling protection sheet and PP Corrugated Sheet solutions for horticultural and agricultural use, please feel free to contact us. We are always happy to help and serve you.


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