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How to protect your trees in outdoor yard?
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How to protect your trees in outdoor yard?

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If you are looking for a solution that can survive outdoors, then our corrugated polypropylene is the best choice. A tree guard sheet made of corrugated polypropylene will provide the best protection for your garden protection. As a manufacturer and distributor of corrugated polypropylene products for 25 years, our corrugated polypropylene is the best choice for you. For more information about our polypropylene solutions for horticulture and agriculture, please feel free to contact us. We are happy to serve you.

This passage is going to talk about the followings of our tree guard sheet:

1) Brief introduction of tree guard sheet

2) Advantages of tree guard sheet

3) Choose our tree guard sheet


1) Brief introduction of tree guard sheet

Tree guard made of UV resistant pp corrugated sheet, a fluted polypropylene sheet. It is inexpensive and very durable, one of its advantages. The double-wall construction makes the sheet lighter than most comparable sheet materials and allows it to be used for a variety of applications. Chemical and water resistance combined with the ease of printing enhances its popularity with designers, advertisers and printers.

Our tree guards are available in a variety of sizes and shapes. We can also customize tree guard sheet according to your requirements. if there is any need don't hesitate to contact us directly and we will provide you with the best solution.

These tree guard sheet guards are faster to install and take less time to use. You can choose from triangular, square tree guard sheets or custom tree guard sheets. tree guard sheets assembled with UV coating can resist UV light outdoors for at least 2 years. tree guard sheets are green, weldable and provide the best protection for your plants.


2) Advantages of tree guard sheet

tree guard sheet as a tree protection device, tree guard sheet tree guard structure is strong with rigid fluting to prevent fluttering in the wind and provide protection against damaging winds, herbicides and pests.

Benefits of tree guard sheet - tree guard sheet's unique front tag system allows easy access to developing trees for pruning and maintenance. tree guard sheet guards can be quickly installed and removed.

Applications of tree guard sheet: Often used in aesthetically pleasing locations.

It is also commonly used where aesthetics are a requirement, e.g.

Both sides of roads

Windy areas

Cold areas

Highly visible sites

Rocky soils

Olive plantations

Horticultural crops

Housing development


3) Choose our tree guard sheet

One of corrugated polypropylene's most enduring properties is its long-life performance in harsh environments, which is why it is so popular among our horticultural and agricultural customers.

Because of its properties, polypropylene is a strong material that is not only "greener" than other plastic solutions, but is also recyclable, reusable and fully recyclable.

This high-performance, weatherproof product can be used over and over again and is flawless and durable. It is ideal for holding plants or produce, and can be used as seed trays or even temporary bedding. Other popular uses are farm store displays, signage, shelving, packaging, floor or bench protection, and even bee transport.

As a specialist manufacturer of corrugated polypropylene solutions in China, we offer a personalized and comprehensive service to our customers; we can custom design solutions in any color, create prototypes, apply a range of special treatments, provide a full range of highly quality printing services and can produce small or large print runs and ship anywhere on the planet.   

If you are looking for a solution of tree guard sheet that can survive in the outdoors, then our corrugated polypropylene is the way to go.

If you would like more information on our polypropylene sheet solutions and tree guard sheet for horticulture and agriculture, please feel free to get in touch.


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