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DBE pp corrugated sheet is ideal for indoor and outdoor pplications. 

Horticulture protection sheet are ideal for protecting and preserving trees
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Horticulture protection sheet are ideal for protecting and preserving trees

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PP protective sheet is made of polypropylene, a semi-crystalline material, compared to PVC, PE and PET protective sheets, which appeared earlier. It is characterized by low density and rigid strength.

Although PP protective sheet is not a popular product, most of the products researched and made on the basis of PP protective sheet have been welcomed by people, and PP protective sheet has played its own unique role.

This passage is going to talk about the followings of Horticulture protection sheet:

1) Why use Horticulture protection sheet?

2) Advantages of Horticulture protection sheet

3) Choose our Horticulture protection sheet


1) Why use Horticulture protection sheet?

As trees and bushes begin to flood, homeowners become irritable and start planting annuals, we need to be prepared for late frosts. An Internet search for "plant frost protection" will yield a wide variety of strategies to reduce frost damage. Some strategies (such as frost irrigation or wind turbines) are aimed at commercial horticultural operations such as orchards or nurseries. Other techniques, such as various spray products, typically provide little protection or vary in their effectiveness. For homeowners, the most effective technique is the old "tried and true": loosely covering plants with sheets or similar lightweight fabrics. But our Horticulture protection sheet will be a good alternative.


2) Advantages of Horticulture protection sheet

Horticulture protection sheet prevents weeds from growing on the ground. Because the ground cloth can stop the direct sunlight on the ground (especially black ground cloth), while using the ground cloth itself strong structure to prevent weeds through the ground cloth, so that the ground cloth on the inhibition of weed growth.

Horticulture protection sheet can remove water from the ground and keep the ground clean in time. The drainage performance of the ground cloth enables the rapid discharge of ground water, and the pebble layer and medium sand layer under the ground cloth can effectively inhibit the back seepage of soil particles.

Horticulture protection sheet facilitates the growth of plant roots and prevents root rot. This effect also comes from the woven laying structure of the ground cloth, which allows the roots of crops not to produce waterlogging, so that the air in the roots has a certain degree of mobility, thus preventing root rot.

Horticulture protection sheet prevents additional growth of potted flower roots and improves the quality of potted flowers. When potted flower production is carried out on ground cloth, the ground cloth prevents the roots of the crop in the pot from penetrating the bottom of the pot and burrowing into the ground, thus ensuring the quality of the potted flowers.

Horticulture protection sheet facilitates cultivation management: Most of the ground cloths are woven with one-way or two-way marking lines, which can be used for precise arrangement when placing pots or arranging substrates inside or outside the greenhouse.


3) Choose our Horticulture protection sheet

The best feature of our corrugated polypropylene pipe is its long-life performance in harsh environments, which is why it is so popular with our horticultural and agricultural customers.

Because of its properties, polypropylene is a robust material that is not only "greener" than other plastic solutions, but it is returnable, reusable and fully recyclable.

This high-performance and weather-resistant Horticulture protection sheet can be used over and over again, remaining flawless and sturdy. It is ideal for holding plants or produce and can be used as seed trays or even temporary bedding.  Other popular uses are farm store displays, signage, shelving, packaging, floor or workbench protection, and even bee transportation.

As a professional manufacturer of corrugated polypropylene Horticulture protection sheet solutions in China, we offer a personalized total service to our customers; we can custom design Horticulture protection sheet solutions in any color, create prototypes, apply a range of special finishes, provide a full range of high-quality printing services, and produce small or large quantities for delivery anywhere on the planet.

If you are looking for a Horticulture protection sheet solution that can withstand the outdoor life, then our corrugated polypropylene Horticulture protection sheet is your answer.

For more information on polypropylene Horticulture protection sheet and PP Corrugated Sheet solutions for horticulture and agriculture, please feel free to contact us.


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